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Director, Research and Curatorial Department, National Art Museum of China

Zhang Qing served as Deputy Director of Shanghai Art Museum and Director of the Shanghai Biennale Office. He curated and managed the Shanghai Biennale from 1999 to 2010. He is now the Head of the Curatorial and Research Department of the National Art Museum of China.

He obtained a doctorate in History of Art from the Chinese Academy of Art before doing post-doctoral work in Architectural History and Theory at Tongji University. He is a member of CIMAM, Guest Professor at Tongji University and Yunnan University and member of the Editorial Board of ArtChina magazine.

His major curatorial projects since 2000 include
Selected Masterpieces from Ten Art Museums in China (Beijing, 2013), Images and Words: Since Magritte Era (Beijing, 2012), 15th Asian Art Biennale in Dhaka (Dhaka, 2012), Spin: The First Decade of the New Century (Beijing, 2012), In Time: 2012 Chinese Oil Painting Biennale (Beijing, 2012), Landscape in Mind: Public art from China (Washington, 2011), the Art of Zhang Enli (Shanghai, 2011),Yu Hong: Golden Horizon (Shanghai, 2011),Western Prints Exhibition and Historical Photos of the Old Summer Palace by Ernst Ohlme (Shanghai, 2011), Dual Senses and Dynamic Views – Contemporary Art Exhibition across the Taiwan Straits of 2011 (Beijing, Taichung, 2011), Phantom on the sea: Modern Chinese Photography (Shanghai, 2010),

Prose, Chinese character: The impression of Chinese Character Art – the first China and Taiwan Chinese Character Art Festival (Beijing 2010, Taipei 2011), Our Workers are Powerful (Shanghai, 2009), Redemption of a Sunflower Garden: New Works of Xu Jiang (Shanghai, 2009), the Seventh Shanghai Biennale (Shanghai, 2008), Infantization: Young Chinese Contemporary Artists (Shanghai 2007, Taipei 2008, Antwerp 2009, Lyon 2010, Basel 2011), the Art of Fang Lijun (Shanghai, 2007), the Sixth Shanghai Biennale (Shanghai, 2006), the Tenth Venice Sculpture Exhibition (Venice, 2007), the Seventh San Paulo International Architecture Biennial (San Paulo, 2007), the Sixth Shanghai Biennale (Shanghai, 2000), Zhou Tiehan Solo Exhibition (Shanghai, 2006), the Art of Chen Zhen (Shanghai, 2006), the Art of Yan Peiming (Shanghai, 2005), the Fifth Shanghai Biennale (2004), Interpreting the Modern: The Exhibition of Paintings from the Amsterdam Art Museum’s Collection (Amsterdam; Shanghai; Singapore, 2003), Junction: Architectural Practices in Chinese Contemporary Art (Shanghai, 2003), Red China: An Exhibition of Chinese Contemporary Art (Gwangju, 2002), City Net Asia (Seoul, 2003), Cai Guoqiang (Shanghai, 2001), Expressions of Contemporary China (Singapore, 2001), and the Third Shanghai Biennale (Shanghai, 2000).

Presentation Topic: National Collection and Public Engagement – Public Services with Museum Collections & Exhibitions of China in Recent Years

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